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Meet the Elite was started in 2007 by a group of professional financial planners. They were looking for a better way to market their services to the public. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional marketing techniques, they had the vision to create an online directory of professionals. Meet the Elite was born to traffic prospective local clients to professionals by matching services to needs. Soon the directory was expanded to include legal and insurance professionals.

A robust feature set was soon added to the site allowing professionals to receive messages from prospective clients, build customized profile pages, post articles to a searchable library, receive weekly personal profile statistics, place classified ads that target fellow MTE users and much more.


Free Service

Meet the Elite is and always will be a free service. Our goal is to allow our users the ability to create a state of the art profile to promote their services. All revenue for Meet The Elite is generated via advertising programs found both on and off the actual website. There are no hidden costs and all features on the site are free to all users.

If you are a Legal, Financial or Insurance professional looking for an innovative way to market your services via the internet. Then you have come to a very special website. Clients are using the internet everyday looking for professional services! Its time that they find you, create a free profile today.


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